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$216.0005/04 1:40pm
Steve and Holly Bandel Thank you for providing my son a Jewish community. A special thank you to the Rabbi for always supporting his interests in Judaism.
$100.0004/18 10:18pm
Hope Tanhoff Donating in honor of my son Ethan Goldberg. Current junior at USC, and he loves Chabad events with his AePi brothers.
$200.0004/17 9:53am
Jocelyn Schoenfeld Thank you for all you do for the students and the whole Jewish community! -Max Schorvitz's Mom
$360.0003/07 4:17pm
Simmie and Tzvi G In honor of our children and in support of Shlomit and Sruly and all their efforts! May HaShem always provide you with all that you need and want in order to be successful!
$240.0003/05 10:49am
Batsheva Gansburg
$72.0003/03 8:12pm
Nechama Hackner
$2,000.0002/29 2:41pm
Jamie Finch Thank you for all that you do for Jewish students at USC!
$72.0002/29 3:11am
Chavi Cohen L’ilui nishmas Alexander Sender Ben Yehuda
$36.0002/28 7:10pm
Anonymous Thank you!
$400.0002/28 5:20pm
Bension Kohen
$200.0002/28 2:09am
Esther Malka Andrusier
$360.0002/27 10:48pm
Anonymous Thanks for all you do to give the students a home away from home.
$72.0002/27 8:18pm
Anonymous Brocho vehatzlocho!
$200.0002/27 7:57pm
Izzy Goldsmith
$50.0002/27 7:34pm
Carolyn Gallagher Thank you for your soup delivery program!! I’ve used it many times for my daughter and she loves it
$72.0002/27 7:32pm
Shmaya And Devorah Leah Shmotkin
$1,000.0002/27 7:21pm
S Dean
$36.0002/27 7:07pm
Tzirel Frankel שושנה בת דוד לע״נ
$360.0002/27 6:17pm
Uzzi Kehaty In honor of Nadiv Dovber Kehaty.
$5,000.0002/27 5:41pm
Nadav Frieder בהצלחה ממשפחת פרידר
$144.0002/27 5:30pm
$360.0002/27 4:51pm
Shmuel and Chana Tiechtel In honor and in great appreciation of Rabbi Hesh Epstein!
$10,000.0002/27 4:31pm
Anonymous We love and appreciate you for all that you do.
$360.0002/27 4:12pm
Dikla Moryossef Thank you for everything uou are the best!
$200.0002/27 4:04pm
$200.0002/27 3:46pm
$100.0002/27 3:45pm
$360.0002/27 3:34pm
Aliza Remer
$80.0002/27 3:10pm
Yitzi Silver
$1,000.0002/27 3:10pm
Boruch & Tiki Dean
$360.0002/27 3:03pm
Amit Shitrit The best family and support system to have while and after college!!
$108.0002/27 3:00pm
devora wilhelm
$360.0002/27 1:39pm
Heshy Dubrowski In honor of the incredible Rabbi & Rebetzin
$108.0002/27 12:53pm
$36.0002/27 12:47pm
$360.0002/27 12:44pm
Beth & Jason Cole Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the great and important work you do and support you provide for the students at UofSC.
$10.0002/27 12:41pm
Jazz Schmidt Love being a part of USC Chabad. Thank you for welcoming me into your home❤️
$144.0002/27 12:26pm
$10,000.0002/27 12:19pm
J & D L
$288.0002/27 11:39am
Valentina Boyet
$36.0002/27 11:18am
Devora Hackner
$108.0002/27 10:19am
Shmuli and Miriam Rappaport Sruly and Shlomit, you are an inspiration. Continue going from strength to strength! May you see brocho and hatzlacha in all you do!
$200.0002/27 8:51am
Levi Rapoport
$432.0002/27 8:37am
$2,000.0002/27 8:15am
Jon and Dina Prastein In honor of S. Matthew Prastein OBM
$100.0002/27 2:38am
Rachel Chitrik
$720.0002/27 12:40am
Laurie Dean-Amir Kol Hakovod Shlomit and Sruly! The lives you impact is beyond words. How fortunate are the students, and everyone who spends time in your warm, and heimish Chabad home. Love you madly!! Laurie
$72.0002/26 11:58pm
Anonymous Speedy recovery for Chana Bailah bas Sura Raizel
$200.0002/26 11:49pm
Shauli & Chanie Zohar Much continued hatzlocha in your inspiring work ❤️
$200.0002/26 10:59pm
Jennifer Forti Thank you for all that you do!
$72.0002/26 10:33pm
Anonymous הצלחה רבה
$360.0002/26 9:48pm
Shimmy Silver
$200.0002/26 9:31pm
Robin and Sivon Kalminov Thank you for all that you do for the students.
$72.0002/26 6:30pm
chanie sputz
$216.0002/26 5:19pm
Christina Daniels
$360.0002/26 4:51pm
shneur pershin
$1,000.0002/26 3:12pm
Anonymous We are so grateful to you for giving our daughter a home away from home and a supportive community. Thank you!
$200.0002/26 2:24pm
Olivier Level Long life to Chabad of USC! Alice and Olivier Level
$2,000.0002/26 1:39pm
Dr. David & Jane Kulbersh
$5,000.0002/26 1:19pm
Andy Elisburg In honor of Elana Berger
$108.0002/26 1:07pm
Jordan Speer
$200.0002/26 12:47pm
Peter Kelly Am Israel Chai🇮🇱 love you all! I’m low key a bit broke but here’s my money :)
$360.0002/26 12:39pm
Gayle and Richard Miller Thank you for all you do.
$1,500.0002/26 12:12pm
Beshe and Mariasha Denebeim Proud to support the incredible work you do every day!
$144.0002/26 11:49am
Baruch @ Dena Gorkin מרים לאה בת יודתיה
$36.0002/26 11:48am
Ben Yekuel
$200.0002/26 11:10am
Yossi & Chavi Rappaport Continued success in all your Holy work.
$72.0002/26 10:25am
Debbie Deutschmann In honor of Elana Berger.
$3,600.0002/26 9:15am
Karl Kaplan The Kaplan Family appreciates the work you are doing to support, educate, and engage the Jewish community at USC. Max loves spending time with you on Shabbat and working with Chabad as the AEPI Jewish Identity Chair. Todah Raba and Am Israel Chai
$360.0002/26 8:34am
Tamar Pewzner Hatzlacha in your Shlichus. We are your fans❣️❣️❣️
$200.0002/26 8:22am
Stacy & Jon Abramowitz Thanks for providing a home away from home for Miriam. She loves spending time at Chabad with all her USC friends and family.
$2,000.0002/26 1:14am
$2,000.0002/25 11:29pm
Anonymous May HaShem bring the hostages to freedom, now.
$72.0002/25 11:26pm
Meir & Liora Eichenstein הצלחה רבה יישר כח
$360.0002/25 11:24pm
Lisa Cohen Haber Thank you so much for all that you do!
$108.0002/25 11:10pm
Dini Weiss Kol HaKavod!!!
$200.0002/25 10:43pm
Bob and Barbara Nieder In honor of Melody Immergluck
$72.0002/25 10:21pm
Chani Farkash In honor of The best mother , tiki. ❤️
$72.0002/25 10:00pm
Family Gansburg Leilui Nishmas Sholom Leib ben Shimon Bentzion Keep up your great work!
$100.0002/25 9:52pm
Ellen & Fred Seidenberg
$360.0002/25 9:52pm
David and Michele Perrick Thank you for the amazing work that you do! May you continue to go from strength to strength!
$200.0002/25 9:28pm
Mendy Cohen
$600.0002/25 9:21pm
Bryan Immergluck Thank you so much for giving Melody a home away from home and being such wonderful people.
$40.0002/25 9:16pm
Tehila Ohayon
$200.0002/25 9:07pm
Menachem and Inbar Madar
$36.0002/25 9:04pm
Zoya Monrov Endzweig Hatzlacha Raba!
$100.0002/25 9:01pm
minda miller minda and henry miller
$216.0002/25 8:57pm
Anonymous In honor of Miriam Abramowitz. Happy Passover everyone.
$200.0002/25 8:48pm
Marny Nesher
$36.0002/25 8:33pm
Anat Hazan
$360.0002/25 8:26pm
Levi & Paya Epstein Keep up the great work!
$100.0002/25 8:21pm
$2,000.0002/25 8:16pm
Andy Safran
$200.0002/25 8:05pm
MMB Movers Inc
$200.0002/25 7:55pm
Yerachmiel and Leah Robbins In appreciation of the Epstein’s and Miryam Rozin
$360.0002/25 7:36pm
$72.0002/25 7:21pm
Mendy Mushka Drihem
$720.0002/25 7:16pm
$1,000.0002/25 7:02pm
Nathan Berger
$200.0002/25 6:30pm
Paul Schwartz
$200.0002/25 6:29pm
Lawrence Needle Please continue the wonderful work you do on campus which is vitally important in today's times.
$1,080.0002/25 5:11pm
Isabel Goldsmith Thank you all for all that you do and for giving us a home away from home.
$1,000.0002/25 5:11pm
Ron Ziarno Am Yisrael Chai 🇮🇱🇮🇱 keep spreading Mitzvot. What you you do at the campus is amazing Ron and Jill Ziarno . 💙 Love u Jordyn
$288.0002/25 5:10pm
Anonymous Thank you for being here and for doing all that you do.
$200.0002/25 4:58pm
David Moryossef Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me and other Jewish students. Chabad of USC is truly the best!
$100.0002/25 4:51pm
Anonymous Thank you for all that you do Am Yisrael Chai
$100.0002/25 4:22pm
Federica and Dmitri Schoeman
$100.0002/25 4:11pm
Dr. Leslie and Ferne Abramowitz For your important contribution to USC, and in honor of our granddaughter Miriam Abramowitz!
$144.0002/25 4:08pm
Jamie Cash Thank you for Alexa Cash!
$200.0002/25 4:02pm
Allen Immergluck Donation on behalf of my beautiful granddaughter, Melody. For Chabad
$200.0002/25 4:00pm
Alan Berger
$208.0002/25 3:45pm
$200.0002/25 3:43pm
Judith Kalb
$360.0002/25 3:35pm
Srulie & Miriam Robbins Thank you for being so amazing, and always opening your home to us!
$1,000.0002/25 3:23pm
Anonymous Thank you very much for doing everything that you do. L’Shalom, Joshua Lax
$200.0002/25 3:20pm
Ruben Level Thank you for all your work!
$1,000.0002/25 3:13pm
Mendy & Seema Gansburg
$144.0002/25 3:12pm
Meir Muller Rabbi Sruli and Rebbetzin Shlomit provide incredible nurturing, Jewish pride, and education to every student they meet!
$108.0002/25 3:04pm
Karin Barel Thank you for always hosting Noy and welcome her every day
$500.0002/25 3:04pm
Avraham & Dinah Sedaghat ❤️
$200.0002/25 2:56pm
chana epstein 100
$236.0002/25 2:41pm
Chaya Moscowitz Keep up the amazing work!
$400.0002/25 2:28pm
Joyce Persky Thank you for being so great to my granddaughter. Love, Nana Joyce
$360.0002/25 2:25pm
$240.0002/25 2:04pm
Anonymous Thank you Rabbi and Shlomit for your tireless effort all these years. We love and appreciate you and your family dearly! - Tamir
$200.0002/25 1:50pm
Ephraim and Devora Piekarski
$720.0002/25 1:48pm
Stanley Dubinsky Hoping this goes well!
$72.0002/25 1:29pm
Rochel Dagan Moshiach now
$50.0002/25 1:07pm
Uncle Baruch and Aunt Chaya epstein Go Sruly & Shlomit and ESPECIALLY the BOYS!! Love Uncle B & Aunt Chaya
$72.0002/25 12:54pm
Marc and Mia Rapport
$36.0002/25 12:45pm
Mendy and Shternie Goldshmid
$200.0002/25 12:18pm
Yosef Chaim Sufrin
$36.0002/25 12:17pm
Moshe & Sarah Epstein
$1,000.0002/25 12:08pm
Hesh & Chavi Epstein so proud of you guys!
$800.0002/25 12:08pm
Pnina Dean For all your hard work and dedication! We love you xoxo your Pittsburgh fam
$108.0002/25 12:06pm
Brian Turkel We appreciate all that you and your family do to keep the Jewish experience alive at USC!!
$100.0002/25 11:52am
Yosef & Chavi Epstein We are so proud of all the amazing work you guys continue to do!!
$72.0002/25 11:46am
Margaux Gaeser Chabad truly is a home away from home for Jewish students at USC. Many students, like myself, are far from home making it hard to be home for many Jewish festivals. Chabad provides an amazing way for students to connect with the Jewish faith while growing and learning simultaneously. Truly so thankful for Chabad!
$900.0002/25 11:16am
Jeffrey and Melissa Osofsky Thank you for your amazing support for our kids.
$72.0002/25 11:14am
Alana Pries This organization allowed me to be a part of the most amazing community while I was in college. I can’t thank Rabbi and Shlomit enough for what they provided for me during my 4 years at South Carolina!
$300.0002/25 11:13am
Nathan Dolbir
$360.0002/25 10:59am
Avremi & Samantha Epstein In honor of Rabbi Sruli and Rebbetzin Shlomit and their awe inspiring dedication and energy. Keep up the amazing work!
$360.0002/25 10:56am
Shalom and Noy Peleg Am Israel Chai
$300.0002/25 10:54am
Yehuda Epstein
$52.0002/25 10:53am
Yaakov Greenberg
$720.0002/25 10:49am
Moshe and Ohr Miriam pershin
$72.0002/25 10:35am
Lily Herrera
$360.0002/25 10:24am
Levi & Devorah Marrua Keep making the Rebbe proud!
$100.0002/25 10:22am
Nathan Pavlovsky
$72.0002/25 10:15am
Malka-Levanna B For the the incredible work yall do!!!
$500.0002/25 10:14am
Anny and David Zalesne
$100.0002/24 7:10pm
$1,000.0002/24 2:57pm
Lisa Sakhai Rabbi Sruly and Shlomit, We appreciate all that you do for the students at UofSC and the Jewish community. With Hashem’s help, may you always continue to be a great source of light. Thank you!
$500.0002/23 3:14pm
Jay Friedman
$1,000.0002/23 1:40pm
Nancy Elisburg Thank you for all that you do. It's noticed and appreciated.
$50.0002/23 1:17pm
Joseph Lubrino We stumbled upon your soup program back in 2020 when our son was a Freshman, he has utilized the service a few times. Your soup has brought comfort to him when he wasn’t feeling well and lifted his spirits when he was missing home(NY). Thank you
$10,000.0002/22 6:29pm
Lisa Benjamini Gabriella Allon

Anti-semitism on campus is rising...
YOU can be the difference!

By helping to ensure a future for Chabad at USC you are securing a resource that helps to protect and support the Jewish student community here at USC. As a place where students feel comfortable and safe, we believe that Chabad at USC is more important now then ever - as it's never been harder to be a Jewish Student on campus than it is now.

Distribution of $90k Overall Goal:

Category Budget Raised
Security Upgrades $10,000.00 $172.00 2%
Passover Budget $7,500.00 $7,516.00 100%
High Holiday Events $5,400.00 $5,416.00 100%
Shabbat Dinners ($1,000.00 * 45 wks) $45,000.00 $45,060.00 100%
Chanukkah Programs $3,600.00 $3,732.00 104%
Torah Classes ($360 * 47 wks) $17,000.00 $12,796.00 75%
Soup Delivery Program $1,500.00 $300.00 20%

You Can Help Fuel the Future

In these trying and uncertain times - we belive that our mandate to be a comprehensive resource and home-away-from-home for the Jewish UofSC community is more critical than ever.
We are eternally grateful to donors such as yourselves, who truly appreciate the value and nessecity of our work - and we thank you in advance for your generous support.

How the Campaign Works

Every penny you donate is DOUBLED! For every $100 dollars you give, Chabad at UofSC will get $200. Every dollar will be matched by our generous benefactors, to help us reach our goal of $90,000.00.

Your support will allow us to ENSURE that we can continue to be there for the Jewish Student Community even during these unprecedented and trying times.

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- Rabbi Sruly & Shlomit Epstein, and the entire Jewish USC Community!