Dollar Donor Club Supports Jewish Life at the University of South Carolina

Jewish USC Dollar Donor Club

For as little as $1 a week you can become a full partner in our vital mission of
strengthening and sustaining jewish identity here at the University of South Carolina.

What can we do with just $1 a week?

  • Shabbat Dinners - A homecooked Shabbat Meal in a warm, inclusive environment.
  • Holiday Programs - Everything from Rosh Hashana Dinner to the Passover Seder.
  • Torah Classes - Offering students the opportunity to discover, study and explore.
  • Chicken Soup Program - A taste of home & healing for students who need a boost.
  • Social Events - Jewish students hanging out and having fun - together.
  • Israel Advocacy - Giving Israel a voice on campus.

Today, the fight for the survival of the Jewish spirit is being fought on many fronts.
College campuses foremost among them.
With your partnership and support - even a $1 a week - we can nourish and nurture
the sparks of Jewish identity and continue to play the ever-more-vital role of guardians
of Jewish life on campus.